Algunos comentarios al 12 de septiembre sobre la situación del IVA a colegiaturas

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CNN Expansión: No se permitirá IVA a colegiaturas: PAN

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Medios sociales… una conversación con Eric Stoller

Platica sobre medios sociales en la educación. Para pensar y generar discusión.

El uso de los medios sociales en las escuelas (en inglés)

There is something about Facebook, and all of social media, that makes it work especially well within a school community. What began in the post-secondary realm has spread like wildfire throughout the world, but it has returned to academia on a younger scale. The social part of it is obvious, but for elementary school students and up the educational benefits are proving to be even more powerful than likes and pokes.

This infographic tells the story of social media among children from a statistical side–an astounding 96% of students who go online use social media–but it also includes ways teachers, schools, parents, and students are working together to use social media to strengthen and build their communities and themselves.

The infographic features one school in particular that has begun a pilot program to test how social media can become less of a distraction and more of a solution to the school’s biggest challenges. In one year, they’ve found that absenteeism is down (they met their attendance goals for the first time in history), student engagement is up, and grades are up on average throughout the school.

Even though most schools ban cell phones, it’s time to take a look at this infographic to see the ways that social media can play a role in making the education process better and more up to date for our children.

The Use of Social Media in School
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Nuevas tendencias en tecnologías en la educación